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Dr Carrie Rigoni, chiropractor for babies, children and pregnancy.


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I’m Carrie.
A chiropractor and all-round
wellness advocate for children.

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That a healthy pregnancy provides the foundation for a healthy life

That chiropractic should be part of a healthy pregnancy and childhood

That baby chiropractic is effective and has an exemplary safety record

That nutrition plays a significant role in health and well-being

That there is a big place for natural and environmental medicine
in promoting healthy, body-loving choices 

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about spreading the children’s wellness message because…

My own health crisis has left me with a fire in my belly to
prevent anyone else having chronic health issues

The ever-increasing incidence of avoidable chronic health issues
in children is concerning

Many parents do not know where to turn when it
comes to natural medicine and their child

As your chiropractor I believe:

 That taking measures now to set your child up to live an awesomely healthy
life is much easier than trying to prevent a disease once it has appeared

That every parent should be given the opportunity to raise their children
in a nourishing and empowering way

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My passion is ensuring each child is given the chance to a happy, healthy life,
and supporting parents in making this happen.

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Educating and empowering parents to raise happy, healthy children

Providing a supportive space where parents can ask any question they like

Providing information on chiropractic and wellness for pregnancy, babies and children

Supporting families in finding up-to-date, best-practice guidelines about their health

Sharing my own learnings and life with you, so you can see all my advice put into action

Learn more about my consultations here

My mission is simple – to provide pregnant families and parents with the most up-to-date information
possible in a well-rounded manner, so that you can make your best choices.


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