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This book is for you if…

You’re looking to find ways to improve
your child’s health.

You want to improve your family’s health.

You love free things!

Dr Carrie Rigoni, chiropractor for babies, children and pregnancy.

Hi! I’m Carrie.

I’m a chiropractor, pilates instructor, and mother.

I believe in healthy movement, good nutrition, and fun!

I’m passionate about helping parents raise happy, healthy children, as well as supporting women planning to fall pregnant, during their pregnancy, and in their post-partum recovery. My practice is focused on paediatrics and pregnancy.

My passion stems from healing my own health crisis, and a fire in my belly to help parents prevent health issues in their children. I firmly believe prevention is better than cure, and that lifestyle has a huge impact on our wellness.

My approach with patients is gentle, natural and honest.

As a mother I understand the need to take care of yourself before you can take care of your family. This is why my care extends from before conception, right through your pregnancy and once your children have arrived earth side. 

This blog is for you if you are searching for information on a natural pregnancy and birth, how to raise naturally healthy children, and healthy ways to move your body (that you can do with your children in tow!).


My passion is ensuring each child is given the chance to a happy, healthy life,
and supporting parents in making this happen.


Chiropractic Consultations with Dr Carrie

Educating and empowering parents to raise happy, healthy children

Providing a supportive space where parents can ask any question they like

Providing information on chiropractic and wellness for pregnancy, babies and children

Supporting families in finding up-to-date, best-practice guidelines about their health

Creating specific programs to help you meet your own personal goals

Learn more about my consultations here

My mission is simple – to provide pregnant families and parents with the most up-to-date information possible in a well-rounded manner, so that you can make your best choices.


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