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Frequently asked questions about children’s chiropractic:

When attending a children’s chiropractic appointment, many parents have a lot of questions. I hope this page serves to answer some of those questions before your first appointment. That way you feel more confident in your choice to use chiropractic for your family’s health. 

What is Chiropractic? 

Did you know that the brain and nervous system is the first organ to grow, in the womb?
Chiropractic is based on the premise that the brain and nervous system controls and co-ordinates the entire body. And as such, any interference between the brain and the body’s communication networks may lead to changes in body function.
Chiropractors assess the spine and nervous system, and correct misalignments (or restrictions) that may hinder nerve function.

90% of the nutrition and stimulation of the brain is provided from the spine, and it is the movement of the spine that drives brain development. Spinal movement stimulates thousands of receptors in each spinal joint, which send stimulating messages up to the brain to assist development.
Research now demonstrates that stimulating the spine with a chiropractic adjustment leads to changes in brain activity.

If this is the case, wouldn’t it make sense to make sure your child has a spine that is able to move properly, to provide enough brain stimulation and development?


Since the body is always striving for balance, then adjusting the right area of the spine should allow the nervous system, and therefore the body, to move closer to this desired balance. Isn’t it amazing that the body has an innate intelligence to know exactly how to restore its balance? For many children, a chiropractic assessment may be a great starting point to promoting health and wellbeing! Of course, there are a number of other factors that can contribute to a child’s development, which a chiropractor may or may not be able to assist you with.

For myself, chiropractic is the main tool I use to assess a child’s overall health, and nervous system. When used in combination with a complete (medical) neurological and physical examination, it helps me gain a complete clinical picture of each and every patient.
The question I like to ask myself when assessing a child’s spine and nervous system is why is this area irritated? Was it due to birth trauma or a fall, or due to poor posture? Or is there something else going on in the body that may be irritating the nervous system? And what is this irritation contributing to in the health of the child?

Chiropractic allows me to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to assist each child in taking another step towards being happy and well. 

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What kinds of childhood conditions are seen by children’s chiropractors?

The thing about chiropractic is that we do not treat conditions. Chiropractors are trained to assess the spine for distortions, and correct those distortions so your child’s body can function at it’s optimum. Research has found that there is a connection between the musculoskeletal system and organs – so people may report an improvement in other symptoms under chiropractic care. If you have tried everything else for your child with no explanation or resolution, why not give chiropractic a go!

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What is Wellness?

The human body is self-regulating, self-healing, and self-loving. It strives to keep your whole system in balance so that you can function at your optimum. Unfortunately, in this day and age we are constantly insulting our bodies with a barrage of bad foods, infections, chemicals and even emotional stress, all of which throw the body off balance.

Wellness for me is where you find that balance between modern lifestyle and health.  Where you take measures to care for your body, to understand what your choices are doing to your body, but you are still able to enjoy life and all the pleasures that come along with it. I am here to help you find your family’s own balance, and support you in raising healthy children. 


What is the difference between children’s chiropractic, and chiropractic for adults?

People tend to think that chiropractic is all about cracking and crunching. This is far from the truth! I prefer to take the most gentle and least invasive approach possible for each child. The pressure used to adjust a baby is the pressure you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. You would use a similar pressure when you’re changing nappies or giving them a big squeeze – the difference is that I use that pressure on a specific point in their spine to create a change in tissue tension. All children’s chiropractic treatments used are modified to suit your child’s age, physical size, and medical issues.

The best part about caring for children – their bodies respond so quickly!

Is chiropractic safe for children?

Children’s chiropractic has a very strong safety record. You can rest assured that when you’re choosing a children’s chiropractor, your child is in safe hands. Chiropractic is a highly regulated profession, requiring 5 years of university training for qualification as well as additional continuing education each year. There are many postgraduate training programs in paediatrics, meaning some chiropractors can gain specific skills in caring for children. If you’d like more information, I have written a blog post all about the safety of chiropractic for children here

Do you need to be referred to access children’s chiropractic?

Whilst many of our patients are referred by other health professionals you do not need a medical referral.


Want more information? Check out my Top 10 Questions about Baby Chiropractic post!

Did you have a specific question? Dr Carrie offers complimentary 15 minute phone consultations to help you decide if chiropractic is the right choice for you and your family. Use the contact form to request your consult. 

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