Baby Food of the Week – Apple


Apples usually go down well with most babies. They’re so sweet and easy to digest.

Red apple with leaf and slice on a white background.


What else is so good about apples?


These assist in keeping your blood sugar stable. It slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates in your digestive tract, meaning the glucose enters your system slowly. This helps with your body coping with sugar entering your bloodstream, and appetite regulation. Eat the skin! The skin has a lot more phytonutrients per gram than the flesh.


In combination with phytonutrients, the fibre helps to cleanse the cells and blood of excess or unwanted fats and keep your circulation clear. The fibre also binds to chemicals in the gut, preventing their absorption into the body and keeping it clean.

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory

Reduces damage from free radicals. Also reduces the risk of some cancers and asthma.

Gut Health

Apples can change the balance of bacteria in the gut from pathogenic to beneficial bugs. The beneficial bugs that digest the apple produce energy for the cells in the intestines too.

Vitamin C

Great for bone health, circulation, wound healing, and immune system function. Helps the production of serotonin (your happy hormone!). Helps the liver detox.

B Vitamins

Required for many metabolic pathways in the body, including energy production and detoxification.

Enjoying Apples

Start by steaming or boiling and pureeing the apples. They’re yummy on their own or can be added to any fruit combination, even some vegetables! Check out my pear blog here with some puree options – apple and pear are very interchangeable in most of those recipes.

Apples are enjoyed best when eaten whole. When your baby can tolerate it, keep the skin on. I personally chose to do this from the very beginning – I began with cooking the apple with the skin on then blending well to ensure no little bits were chocked on. Then I moved to providing my baby with pieces of raw apple that he could chew on by himself.

Another great option for apple is using the puree to sweeten muffins or loaves! You’ll often see it in my recipes as a gentle sweetener.

Apple juice does not provide the same nutritional benefits (as with any other juice).


  1. Hi I’d just like to add that apples r on the American ewg for dirty dozen so I particularly choose to get organic for apples. Don’t know if it is the same as Aus but I think it’s probably safer

    • Absolutely! It’s the same in Aus. I’m a huge advocate for organic where possible but apples are one of the worst!

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