Baby Food of the Week – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great oil to cook with. It has an extremely high burning point temperature, which means it won’t get burnt while using it to cook (unlike some other oils). When an oil burns during cooking, it releases unhealthy by-products that then become a part of your meal! Not something we want for our babies (or ourselves, really!).

When introducing coconut oil to your baby, you can either cook some food with it in the pan (like zucchini) or you can melt some coconut oil and add it to a puree. Both are easy ways to add coconut oil and some good fats into your baby’s meal.


coconut oil baby food


Why do I love coconut oil?

Healthy Fats

92% saturated fat!

Over 2/3 of the saturated fat is medium-chain fatty acids (which are easy for the body to use).

Lauric Acid

An essential fatty acid that all babies need in their diet.

This is also found in breast milk!

Supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Energy for the Body

Medium-chain fatty acids are easily absorbed for quick energy.

Immune system

Has strong antifungal and antimicrobial properties. This makes it great for gut bacteria (especially keeping the bad bacteria at bay).


Coconut Oil


Enjoying coconut oil

Coconut oil is typically solid at room temperature unless it is a hot day, when it will become a liquid. Either way it is perfectly good to use in liquid or solid form.

The best ways to introduce coconut oil to your baby’s diet are:

  • Cook with it
  • Melt some and add into purees (I’m dreaming of a cauliflower mash with coconut oil mmmmm!)
  • Use as an alternative to butter in baked goods (you’ll notice all of my recipes typically use coconut oil instead of butter as we are a dairy free household!)

Coconut oil is also great for dry skin, and will help some children with their eczema!

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