Baby Food of the Week – Olive Oil

Olive Oil for babies

I know it might sound silly, olive oil isn’t truly thought of as a food is it! But what we seem to be forgetting as a society is that our babies NEED FAT! Fat powers their brain development, their muscle growth, and it stabilises their blood sugars. Honestly, we could all benefit from eating more healthy fats in our diet (and less white, refined carbs). So I’ve added olive oil in because I believe it’s important to add these healthy fats from the very beginning. If you have my Top 12 First Foods list, you’ll notice there are 3 fatty foods on that list! Why start your baby off on white, refined, and heavily processed rice cereal? There are SO MANY better options!

When it comes to olive oil, there is a huge variance in quality on the market, and it depends on how the oil has been produced. Extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. Olive oil is one thing you’re best to buy locally made, organic, and extra-virgin. Olive oil is delicate and can go rancid quickly when exposed to oxygen and light – which means if you’re buying something imported, chances are it has been exposed to either oxygen, light or even heat, and won’t be any good for you or your baby anymore. Your oil must be stored in a dark container, in the dark. Light destroys the antioxidants in olive oil – and within 2 months the quality can no longer be called extra virgin olive oil.

What is so good about olive oil?


Known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Higher in extra virgin olive oil. More than 12 different compounds. 1-2 tbsp is all it takes.

One of the phytonutrients (hydroxytyrosol) helps protect our blood vessel lining from damage. Stimulates vitamin E and beta-carotene production to reduce oxidation.

Good Fat

75% oleic acid (omega-9). Supports healthy fats and cholesterol balance. Tells cells to reduce high blood pressure.


Supports Digestive System

Protects against damage. Helps to stop the growth of unwanted bacteria and assist the growth of healthy bacteria.

Helps grow strong bones

Improves brain function – memory, vision. Supports the blood brain barrier in times of stress.

Protects our DNA

Reduces the risk of cancer

Enjoying Olive Oil

It’s best to use olive oil as a dressing, as at high temperatures (such as cooking) it can burn the oil and lose it’s beneficial properties. 

Throw it on everything – that’s what I suggest! 


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