Baby Food of the Week – Pear

Pears – a guaranteed hit with all babies!

Fresh pears isolated on white


Gut Health

High fibre helps to prevent constipation by having a mild laxative effect. Reduces the risk of colon cancer.


Needed for proper growth and development of bone, connective tissue, brain and heart. Allows nerves to communicate and improves memory.

Vitamin C

Almost 10% of your daily needs in one serving. Helps the body absorb iron which is so important for brain development.

Vitamin K

Prevents blood clots.

Eat the Skin!

Contains high amounts of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and 50% of a pear’s fibre content. Especially once the pear is ripe.


compote de poire

Enjoying Pear

Pear can be stewed into a puree to give your baby. You can combine it with some vegetables or other fruits to give you baby some variety. It is easy to digest for most and can be useful to prevent constipation too!

My favourite pear purees:

  • Pear and cinnamon
  • Pear, banana and ginger
  • Pear and strawberry
  • Pear, spinach and zucchini
  • Pear, apple and vanilla
  • Pear and cucumber
  • Pear and avocado
  • Pear, spinach and peas
  • Pear, avocado and kiwifruit
  • Pear, coconut milk and banana
  • Pear, sweet potato and capsicum

The possibilities are actually endless!

When your baby begins to enjoy eating with their hands, you can give them pieces of pear. It becomes an easy food to bring out and about to give for a snack!


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