Baby Food of the week – Broccoli

Introducing broccoli to your baby

When you were a child, you would either love or really hate broccoli. Most kids hated it at some point. And I get it, these little trees can be quite bitter (especially if undercooked!) and the texture is a bit odd until you get used to it.

This is one of those foods that your parents were right when they said you need to eat your broccoli! It is so full of great nutrition!


broccoli for baby



Why should you feed your children broccoli?

1 cup of chopped up broccoli contains:

  • 3 g of protein
  • Fibre – and lots of it!
  • 14% of your RDA of folate
  • More than your daily needs for Vitamin K and C
  • Loads of antioxidants – the darker the green, the more antioxidants too! I tend to innately go for the greener ones anyway, don’t you?
  • Fats – 2 cups of broccoli has equivalent ALA as one capsule of flaxseed oil

People don’t often consider that their vegetables have much protein or fats in them so it’s good to know that broccoli has a good serving of both!


Other interesting facts about broccoli:

  • Broccoli is really high in antioxidants, particularly the ITCs which support the lining of the stomach and prevent gut infections
  • The vitamin C is easily retained with cooking, unless you cook it for 20 minutes or more
  • The high vitamin C makes the iron and calcium in broccoli easily absorbed – which your baby needs for brain and bone development!
  • Broccoli has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, leading to reduced allergic reactions and conditions like asthma (in some individuals)

Is Broccoli on the Dirty Dozen? 

Broccoli has been identified as one of the vegetables LEAST likely to contain pesticide residues, so it’s not as important to buy the organic variety as it is with some other fruits and veggies. However, some sources suggest that the anti-cancer properties of broccoli are more abundant in organic broccoli – so, if it’s within your budget – organic may be the way to go!


If you want to know what is on the Dirty Dozen list, check it out here.


Adding broccoli to just about any meal is easy, especially with a thermomix if you’re wanting to ‘hide’ the greenery a bit!

You can offer it to your baby as a broccoli floret so they hold it and mouth it.

You can add it to sauces, meatballs, or fritters.

If you find that your baby gets gassy after eating broccoli, try removing all the stems and offering just the heads


Broccoli Sauce (yum!)

  • 1 cup broccoli florets
  • 2-4 tbsp bone broth (or vegetable stock)
  • 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp herbs (oregano and parsley are favourites here)

Step 1. Steam the broccoli

Step 2. Blend with other ingredients into a sauce-like texture!

Step 3. Add onto anything you like – other vegetables, pastas, eggs…


Broccoli Puree – for those of you wanting to introduce some puree food this one is yum yum yum!


Have you got a favourite broccoli recipe? Share it with us in the Fearless Foodies Facebook Group!


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