Fearless Foodies Products

Fearless Foodies Products

Fearless Foodies is all about helping you introduce foods to your baby, and how to deal with the toddler years too! In our free Facebook group, we share recipes, questions and ideas around baby and toddler food. We will slowly be moving into older children in the near future too. If you’re not sure what first foods to give your baby, or how to deal with your toddler eating behaviours, then Fearless Foodies will be able to help you! 

We have a number of Fearless Foodies products now! 

The best price is the Fearless Foodies program, because everything else is included for FREE!

Fearless Foodies Products:

Top 12 First Foods for Babies

This one is FREE (well, in exchange for your email!)

first foods for baby


Food Diary

This is the mother of all food diaries! Perfect for sensitive bubbas, it contains all the information you’ll ever need to track for food reactions! Only $29!

fearless foodies food diary


First Fifteen Weeks of Food Introduction

Only $29 to learn what I did for the first 15 weeks of food introduction!

fearless foodies the first fifteen weeks of food


Monthly Food Chart

Learn month by month which foods are good to introduce! Great to use as a guide – only $29.


The Toddler Years 

Learn all there is about getting your toddler to eat (or accepting their behaviour as normal toddler behaviour!). Only $29.95!

fearless foodies the toddler years


Fearless Foodies Program

Only $129 for everything above, plus an 8 week program learning everything about introducing solids to your baby! A completely evidence-based program, I walk you through what the research says about baby and child nutrition. Read more by clicking the image below.

fearless foodies program


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