First Fifteen Weeks of Food Introduction Offer


Do you want to know the best foods to offer your baby early on?

Do you want to make sure you’re setting you baby up for a healthy life?

Do you want to know exactly what I did with my own baby?

I’ve created the First Fifteen Weeks of Food Introduction so that you can follow my lead.

The first fifteen weeks – that’s the first 3 months done!

Whether you’re looking for a strict schedule to follow,
or more interested in a rough guideline, this template will meet your needs.

 Get the First Fifteen Weeks of Food Introduction for only $29!

 I’ve included 3 months worth of:

What foods I introduced
How I prepared each food
Recipes (where needed)
How much I offered my baby

Plus! Free lifetime exclusive access to part of my members-only website,
where I’ll be regularly posting recipes that I won’t be publicly releasing.

Not for you? We have some free options too!

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