Fearless Foodies

Equip the next generation with the building blocks for a healthy life.

Your baby is getting bigger everyday. You can already see elements of the amazing little person he is going to be – that cheeky smile he gets when you say his name. Or the way she snuggles into you when you first pick her up in the morning.

Before you know it this gorgeous little baby will turn into a wild, energetic toddler (and then they just keep getting bigger!).

Providing your child with the right nutrients when they are young is key to helping them grow into healthy, happy little humans.

Fearless Foodies is an 8-week program designed to help you introduce your baby to solid food and set the foundation for a healthy life.

As a new parent, you’re figuring out everything as you go. Sure, you can get plenty of tips from friends and family who’ve had babies (and even those who haven’t!).

But let’s face it – there’s no black and white when it comes to this baby stuff. Only shades of grey.


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Fearless Foodies is a unique program that combines expert research, real-life tips and ongoing support to give you the tools you need to confidently introduce your baby to solid food.



When Should I Start My Baby on Solids? 

Knowing when to first feed baby solids can be stressful for many parents.

There’s so much conflicting information on what you should and shouldn’t feed your baby, and when.

You want to protect your child, while also ensuring that they can eat a varied and balanced diet.


Fearless Foodies 8 week program includes a schedule for introducing solid foods to your baby, along with helpful information on how, when and why to introduce common allergens into your child’s diet.



What Solids Do I Start My Baby On? 

You know the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well, research shows that a healthy gut is essential to building a healthy body. And as babies go through huge developmental stages in the first few years, you want to make sure they are getting all the right nutrients for a happy body.

Not sugary snacks. Not full-of-junk-doesn’t-even-look-like-real-food mush.

Healthy, nutrient-rich and delicious meals.


Fearless Foodies will give you confidence to make solid food your baby’s body will love – plus their taste buds too (hey, you’ll probably even want to sneak a taste).


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This program is for you if:

+ You want your baby to foster a joyful relationship with food

+ You believe that nutrition is key to helping your baby develop to their full potential

+ You don’t want just another recipe book – you want support and advice from an expert as you start your baby on solid food for the first time

+ It’s important to you that your family eats wholesome, healthy and tasty meals (that don’t cost a fortune or require hours spent in the kitchen)


Fearless Foodies is a complete 8-week program, providing you with the skills and knowledge for your baby’s next stage in life. You’ll feel confident you are giving your baby the healthiest start in life.



You’ll learn:

The signs to look for when your baby is ready to start solids

Which foods to introduce and, importantly, when (and what to avoid)

How to identify food-related reactions (without relying on Dr. Google)

How to make solid food your baby will love (and you’d be happy to eat yourself)

We’ve done all the research, planning and recipe testing – so you don’t have to!


Each week you’ll receive:

Up-to-date information about how first foods impact a baby’s health – broken down into understandable and easy-to-digest chunks

Research-based advice on introducing solids as an accompaniment to your baby’s milk-diet

Tried and tested recipe suggestions (our recipes are simple to make and don’t require any fancy kitchen equipment)

And if you’ve got questions at any point, you can hop into the private (paid-only) Facebook group for tips from the other course participants, or email contact with Carrie directly for personal support


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What’s included?

+ An overview guide on how to tell when your baby is ready to start solid foods (because no two babies are the same)

+ 8 weeks worth of up-to-date information on how foods affect your child’s health

+ Weekly emails covering new foods to introduce, the nutritional benefits, and how it will help your child thrive

+ A weekly food diary to track how each food impacts your child’s mood, sleep, poo and more

+ Allergy information and an allergy-awareness checklist

+ Bonus 18-page guide “Nourished, Well Kids” with my best tips to raising a healthy child

+ Access to an Exclusive Facebook group that you can jump into anytime to ask questions, get tips from other mums and share your stories

+ Support from Carrie throughout the program to get help with specific issues or questions


You’ll also get guidance on incorporating solid food in your baby’s diet:

+ An overview of baby food tips – including how to puree food, advice on preparation and my helpful storage tips to save you time and money

+ Information on how much solid food to feed your baby and the best times throughout the day

+ Tips on what to do if your baby refuses certain foods (even though he lapped it up yesterday)

+ Are those changes to her poop normal? (Because what comes out is as important as what goes in)

+ Guidance on the latest research into food reactions and allergies, as well as just how solid food effects the gut and hormones



What else is included in Fearless Foodies 8 week program?

We don’t just send you the program and leave you to figure it out on your own.

You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where I’ll host regular ‘office hours’ to answer all your questions. This group is only for program participants and will allow you to share your experiences and get advice on introducing solid foods in a safe, supportive environment. You can also email me at anytime with specific questions or concerns, or if you just need a little private help.

Click the Get Started Now button to get access to this complete program and take the fear out of introducing foods to your baby.

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About Carrie

I’m Dr Carrie Rigoni. A chiropractor for children with additional nutrition training. As a result of my five-year chiropractic degree, and seven years of specific study and research into children’s health and nutrition, I’ve developed knowledge of not just chiropractic, but also a holistic view of health and strong diagnostic skills that ensure patients are given the best care.

From my clinic in Melbaby led weaning vs pureebourne, I work with parents to help them raise happy, healthy children by providing chiropractic services and evidence-based advice covering aspects of nutrition, wellness and lifestyle factors.

I’ve made it my mission to share my wealth of research and experience as widely as possible through a series of programs that will be made available online to anyone in the world.

Fearless Foodies brings together everything I have researched and learned about childhood nutrition and raising healthy, happy kids into a complete program. I’m so pleased to finally be able to share this with families everywhere.

This is a complete, 8-week program unlike any other available online. I was getting so many questions from parents about how to start their baby on solid foods, so I decided to put everything I’ve learned about nutrition and babies into this program.

This program combines expert advice with a price that’s manageable for  families. Going beyond simple recipes and baby food tips, you get access to years of research into child’s health, as well as the option of one-on-one support with me during the program.
At the end of the program you will understand WHY your baby’s first foods are so important.


What is included in each week?

Week One: The How To

+ How to create puree

+ How to store puree, if you like to plan ahead

+ Options for introducing solids

~ What is baby-led weaning?

~ Do I need to make my baby their own separate meals?

~ Can I give my baby the same food I’m feeding the rest of the family?

+ How to know when your baby is ready for solid foods

Week Two: The Whens

+ The best time of day to introduce solids

+ How to combine solid foods with their milk diet to ensure your baby receives all their nutrients

+ What to monitor and track when introducing each food

Week Three: The Whats

+ The best foods to introduce, and when

+ Nutritional overview – fats, proteins, carbohydrates

+ Why organic foods are so important

~ Which foods are best to buy organic

~ Which foods are ok to buy conventional

+ How to wash and prepare foods for optimal digestion

Week Four: The Whys

+ Why food is medicine

+ How early-life food introductions have been shown to influence future food choices

+ How early-life food introductions have been shown to influence long-term health

Week Five: Food Reactions

+ Allergies vs intolerances

+ How to pick an allergic reaction and what to do about it

+ Allergy-child’s diet ideas

+ When to introduce common allergens into your child’s diet

Week Six: The Gut

+ Normal infant gut development

+ Gut bacteria and what they do

+ How food influences the bacteria in the gut

+ How allergies impact normal gut development

+ How this influences the long term health of your child, right into adulthood

Week Seven: Hormones and Food

+ Why hormones are so important

+ How the foods you introduce to your baby influence their hormonal system

+ How the stimulation of the hormonal system in early life can impact lifelong health

Week Eight: I Got It From My Mama

+ How a mother’s health impacts her baby

+ What a mother can do for her baby’s health

+ Why it isn’t too late to change the path of health for yourself or your baby

+ Some pearls to help you for your next pregnancy


Plus bonus:

+ Food diary to track how each food influences your baby’s behaviour

+ Allergy awareness list

+ NEW toddler eating module, including 10 toddler-approved recipes

And more!

introducing solid food…………………….

Frequently Asked Questions

I get that you may have some questions about the course and what’s involved. If you don’t see your question covered here, please feel free to email me here {create link for email contact box}.


How will I know if my baby is ready to start solid food?

There are a number of signs to look for to know if your baby is ready to start solid food, although it usually happens between 4 to 6 months. When you first sign up you get access to my quick-start guide on the things to look for. As soon as your baby looks ready, you’ll have the program to guide you.


I’ve seen a number of baby food cookbooks. Is this the same thing?

Fearless Foodies goes into a lot more detail than could be provided in a single book.

It is designed to give you in-depth knowledge around infant nutrition. I don’t just give you recipes. I cover the why behind each step, so you can be sure that you’re doing the best you can for your baby.

You’ll also learn about the benefits of each food being introduced, allergies and other responses to look for and a shopping guide. Plus you’ll be added to a private Facebook group and get one-on-one email support to ask questions and seek guidance.


I’m not great in the kitchen. Are the recipes super-complicated?

I believe that anyone can provide nutritious, healthy food for their baby once they’ve been shown how. However, I as a working mum myself, I also know how little time there is in the day to get everything done and still spend time enjoying the gift that is your baby. So any recipe suggestions are quick and easy to prepare.

Keep in mind, this program is more about providing you with the knowledge and confidence to introduce a variety of foods to your baby – without following a cookie cutter recipe guideline. It is about giving you the tools to influence your baby’s present and future health with their nutrition.


I know you advocate organic and whole food, but I’m worried about the cost of buying these things.

I completely understand your concerns. Organic food can be a lot more expensive than shopping at your supermarket. However, I truly believe that the benefits gained from eating whole, chemically-free food truly outweighs the cost – over time you’ll likely have less need for expensive doctors appointments and medication.

The program covers which foods are best bought organic, and which foods are safer to buy conventional, as well as how to wash your foods before eating to reduce pesticide exposure, so you can make the best choice for your family and budget.

And because the recipes are made from scratch you’ll probably find yourself saving money compared to buying pre-packaged baby food from the supermarket.


My family are vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/paleo – do you include these options?

Fearless Foodies is not a recipe book. Fearless Foodies is a program which gives you the freedom to follow whichever dietary philosophy works for you and your family. It is about educating and empowering you to make confident nutritional choices for your baby, rather than telling you exactly what to eat.

Although a number of the suggested recipes do not contain meat, not all the recipes are vegetarian or vegan. All the recipes are gluten free, while most of the recipes are paleo (or can be adapted to a paleo diet). You may choose to substitute those meals for other recipes.


What if I need help or have any questions throughout the program?

After you sign up, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can hang out with other participants and share information and get support. I’ll also be holding regular ‘office hours’ where you can ask me any questions you have about introducing your baby to solid food, any reactions to their diet (good and bad) and general kid’s wellness stuff. I can’t wait for everyone to get in there are start sharing stories!

You will also have the option of additional support from me, if you feel you require it. There will be limited spaces for additional support as I like to ensure I give you the time and energy you deserve. (I strongly recommend additional support if you have an allergy-prone child, or a strong family history of food allergies).


What if the program isn’t what I was looking for? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I’ve designed the program based on years of experience as a children’s chiropractor and wellness advocate. However, if after the first week you aren’t happy with what’s included, just let me know and I’ll refund your money.


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