Interview – Erika Munton, Doula

Today I wanted to share with you more about my doula. With the right support, your pregnancy and birth can be a beautiful and empowering time. I’m sure once you’re done reading her interview, you’ll understand why I chose her to be part of my pregnancy and birth support!

What does a doula do? 

A Birthready doula helps people create their best transition into life as a parent. During pregnancy, labour and into the early parenting time a doula helps you plan, prepare and experience this time of your life in a positive and empowering way.  She offers personal support, guidance, life skills, information and advocacy so that the birthing woman and her support team achieve the best possible birth outcome and start parenting on a solid foundation.    

What makes you different? 

There are a few reasons:  My super energy and willingness to work as hard as the woman is through labour.  The belief that natural birthing is worth the effort and has a lasting beneficial effect in your ongoing life.  The challenge this offers creates opportunity for personal growth and change that I help people realise and cultivate into their reality through life coaching and NLP techniques.  The KPI’s for my clients show that through the partnership process, their confidence, courage and skills do grow and personal satisfaction and better mental and physical health is the result. e.g. 5% epidural rate 2014, 1/2 national average caesarean section rate.  

Why do you offer both pre and post birth care?

Continuity of care across the pregnancy to parenting continuum enables the doula client relationship to deepen and positively influences the family to feel happy, healthy and empowered through the process.  Through such a personal journey of becoming a parent, its common to tap into feelings of vulnerability and loss of control, courage and confidence, fear, challenge and change.  If you have someone you feel safe and supported with my your side, you are more likely to build life skills and feel excited by the change, rather than feel fearful of it.  From here your ability to be more self determining and make your dreams come true is more likely to happen.  

What gave you the desire to become a doula?

Ive always had a natural curiosity about the birth process.  The births of my own children inspired me to learn more and actively support others to do likewise if they wanted to.  I also believe that there is still a lot of work to be done to raise equality for women across the world.  This is one way to do that.  

What do you love most about being a doula?

Seeing people transform fear into confidence, vulnerability into power and beauty.  I also love the high I get from being part of such an intimate and special occasion as is birth and the moments of personal transformation I am witness to.  I also see love and respect grow between a couple and their baby and it encourages me that humans can make this world a better place.  

What does a general session involve?

There is always a personal check in how you are today.  There is goal setting, exploring your potential, problem solving, building your inner resourcefulness, creating the right support around you, learning birth/parenting/relationship skills and practicing them.  There is conversation and connection that helps develop a trusting relationship.  Support, guidance and education offers fresh perspectives about ones own beliefs, behaviours and feelings and checks that these still serve your purpose.  Understanding both the natural birth process alongside todays culture of birth and exploring what you can influence to create your best birth experience.  

What is your key message?

Natural birth is worth the effort.  Love grows through personal awareness and a willingness to journey through challenging places.  That kind of character is worth cultivating within yourself so that your family life has the best possible opportunity for a health, strong and loving foundation to continue helping the world be a better place.  

Doula Melbourne

Erika Munton founded Birth Works, which aims to assist women feel more confident, calm, knowledgeable, skilled and empowered during your pregnancy, birth and beyond. She has been in the industry for 15 years, changing families one pregnancy at a time!

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