Webinar – Managing Sleep in the First Year of Life


Managing Sleep in the First Year of Life


You already know how to find and fix subluxations.

You are confident in your approach to adjusting infants.

But in this climate, confidence may not be enough.

Add to your paediatric skill-set by learning the evidence behind sleep issues in the first year of life.


In This Two Hour Webinar,


  • What normal infant sleep actually is
  • How and when melatonin is produced
  • Trimester 4 – and what that really means for infant sleep
  • Co-sleeping and attachment parenting – all the evidence behind these practices
  • How maternal diet affects breastfed infant sleep
  • How infant diet affects their own sleep
  • Sleep environment – room, baby’s position, chemical exposures, EMF
  • Common subluxations associated with sleep issues
  • Known neurology behind adjustments improving infant sleep
  • Sleep pathology – sleep apnoea, SIDS (so you don’t miss some key signs of pathology)
  • Management issues with parental and societal expectations of baby sleep
  • Most popular techniques used for infant sleep and issues with CIO
  • How to take a thorough history and examination when an infant presents with a sleep issue


Walk away with:

  • Confidence to educate parents on all aspects of infant sleep
  • The ability to support parents and infant through sleep issues
  • An ability to perform a history and examination that meets AHPRA guidelines
  • A folder full of journal articles to back up everything taught in this webinar
  • 3 FLA points (from the comfort of your own home!)
    • 2 points for attendance
    • 1 point for an assignment (if you listen to the webinar it will be easy!)


Maximum 10 participants per webinar to enable time for workshopping and questions

Afternoon Session: 2017 dates TBC  //  Evening Session: 2017 dates TBC


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