Review: Amby Baby Hammock


I stumbled upon these hammocks at a Parents and Baby Expo and was so impressed by them. Luckily, I was given the pleasure of reviewing one! So here goes. 


Amazing. I chose the natural, unbleached option. It is thick and sturdy, you’ll have no concerns that it won’t hold your baby no matter the size or weight. The side panels are made of mesh which makes it breathable should your baby turn their head to the side. Quinn loves watching what is happening through the panels, and I love how the mesh makes the design feel ‘open’, and allows Quinn to remain part of the action.
It is easy enough to set up. The most difficult thing for me was getting the hammock balanced (it’s all about making sure the vertical line is actually vertical when you hang it). In contrast, this week I put my leftover food in the sink and my fork in the fridge. So everything appears a bit complicated at the moment!
The mattress is made of foam, which is its only downfall. As someone who sees many children with chemical sensitivities, foam can be an issue for them. However there may be an organic cotton mattress available in the future. It was too expensive for us to buy an additional organic mattress so we opted to put the foam outside in the sun and fresh air to get rid of some of the off-gassing. I allowed about 2 months for off-gassing. I also washed the hammock and mattress cover in white vinegar and bicarb to assist in cleaning it of any residues before I allowed Quinn to be in it. 

Ease of use

It is also very portable, I drag it around the house depending on which room I’m working in. Typically it is in my clinic room as I can put him in there while seeing patients. However he’s such an aware little boy that it’s not often he remains asleep when there are other little people around!
The hammock has two options – a flatter style for newborns and young infants, and a more curved hammock style for older children. Making sure you have it on the correct setting for the age of your baby will make a difference in whether they like it or not. The newborn setting, being flatter, reduces the risk of their chin tucking and blocking their airway, and it follows recommendations for infants sleeping on flat surfaces.
The two options also make it fantastic for the spine. Because it rounds to the spinal curvatures, it allows your baby to maintain a comfortable position and this can help them feel safe, and settle quickly. They have their weight distributed over the entire hammock, and it is soft enough to be comfortable but hard enough to be safe. Add in some gentle swinging and you have a recipe for success! 😉  The swinging style of the hammock replicates the same motion your baby felt while in your womb, making it a familiar and comforting sensation. Quinn absolutely loves it when the hammock is swinging. One of his first giggles was because I was swinging him in his hammock! 
Quinn didn’t start liking it until he was about 6-8 weeks of age. Some babies may love it from birth, but not mine! However he also had a very sore neck from the birth and hated being on his back, hammock or no hammock. Once he was a bit bigger and his neck pain had resolved (thank goodness for chiropractic!), he happily spent time in it. My point here being if your baby doesn’t like it in the hammock, there is most likely an underlying reason.
My hammock resides in my clinic room, and Quinn will lay and watch me consult with patients (I say I’m raising a chiropractor and he’s learning the tricks of the trade). He can see everything through the side mesh panels, and if he’s a bit grizzly all I need to do is give the hammock a little swing. He will fall asleep in it while I’m working on my laptop too.

Overall Thoughts 


The Amby baby hammock is an awesome baby product. It is fantastic in supporting their little spines while they sleep, and it makes life easier for mothers. Well worth investing in one! 


You can find out more here if you want to get one for yourself. And in full disclosure, I am NOT an affiliate nor do I receive any bonuses for promoting this product to you. 
Trish from Amby and I will be joining forces and giving away a hammock in the near future! If you don’t want to miss out on the giveaway, make sure you’ve liked my facebook page

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