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Do you have a toddler? Are you concerned with toddler eating habits?

It can be such a frustrating time, trying to feed a toddler. Worrying about whether they are getting all their nutrients. Having to sweep/mop/vacuum the floor for the third time today. Dealing with their tantrums because today they do not want their banana peeled, or their toast cut into soldiers! 

If this sounds familiar, you are definitely in the right place! 

What do we cover in the Toddler Years e book? 

+ What normal toddler behaviour is

+ What is happening in your toddler’s brain

+ What toddler nutritional requirements are

+ How to ensure your toddler is getting all the nutrients they need

+ Learn the difference between whether your child needs to eat more food, or if you need to change your own expectations of your child’s appetite

+ How to respond to your toddler when they are refusing food or throwing a tantrum

+ Tips to help you get your toddler to eat more food

+ Tips on fussy and picky eaters (and what is the difference?)

+ A bonus gift for you!


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You can access it for $29.95!

(Remember, if you have purchased the Fearless Foodies program, this book is yours for free!)



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